Nappy Queen, our inaugural brand

Nappy Queen is a french curly natural hair-care brand our founder Bilguissa created in Paris in 2013. Made by extremely qualified french organic cosmetologists, it is aimed to concentrate more than 96% natural and organic ingredients to create high quality products to allow textured hair-type to rock their natural style or avoid the damages of chemical hair transformations.
Why Nappy Queen? Because it was time to reclaim this term that has been used to criticize afro hair and give its natural beauty back.
Because Bilguissa is proud of her African roots, happy to use African ingredients mixed with french cosmetic excellence for customers that deserve the best too. We turn them into Queens, despite how those hair were considered before. Plus as a french woman, the word doesn’t have the same heavy meaning for her and for international customers as it did before in the US… So we’re thrilled to introduce Nappy Queen products on Frenchica eshop, that exists because of the Nappy Queen journey!
We will create later Frenchica haircare line, based on Nappy Queen experience!

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