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Moringa leaves and powder

Moringa: Miracle tree, Magic oil and powder

Some african ingredients are very well known for having been used in a huge quantity of products. Despite the fact that it has not been really brought to the credit of this continent, it is still a very common knowledge that they sure are african. Meanwhile, other african ingredients...

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Frenchica’s vision and how to build it together

Hi guys It’s been a while since i last published but guess what? I was busy sorting all things out to be able to move to the US to build Frenchica. Because yes, for such dream, we need to be in a very dynamic entrepreneurial environment, in a place...

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Shea Butter

Why Shea butter is a magic ingredient

In general, if we should choose or think about one ingredient that symbolises Africa, it would be shea butter. We all have heard about it, we know about its hydration qualities, brands have used it, spoken about it, built story-telling about it, so it seems quite common. But still,...

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