Baobab, the tree of life

Baobob and its fruit

This magestic tree is among the first symbol that comes to mind when one speak about Africa, generally right after wild animals, sunny skys, raw landscapes, and starving kids.

If many stereotypes are rather negatives, Baobab is called the tree of life, and this is well deserved. Indeed, this legendary tree only grows in Africa. Its totally impressive size and shape makes it unique and incomparable, not only in its aspect. It is rare, it brings shelter to the population that often sits under its shadow to seek calm and discuss the public matters, in order to find unity and peace in the community. For that reason, it is considered sacred, for its social symbolism; 60 persons can sit under this tree to chat. It is associated to a lot of life rituals (birth, death…), particularly in Senegal. We call it “l’arbre à palabre”, the tree under which we speak! It is consequently considered to be also the tree of honesty, truth, authenticity, fantastic values that should fuel our lives.

It is also known for its medicinal properties, its oil is known to heal, strenghen, feed. It is used for cooking and for its cosmetic properties. The baobab has fruits that contains a lot of vitamin C. Monkey love them, this is probably why we call them “pain de singe” (monkey bread). This fruit contains nuts that produce the oil that is often used in cosmetic.

This sacred and rare oil contains vitamins and insaturated fatty acids. It provides healing, it nurtures the skin and the hair, contains antimicrobial properties, it softens and prevents from allergies.

What is also precious is that we can have a multiple use with the oil, we can use it raw, or mixed with other great ingredients. It use usefull for skin (face or body) and hair ! The powder from the fruit is also a super food that one can eat, or mix to a cosmetic preparation.

We choosed to use baobab oil in our range, as much for its cosmetic properties than for its symbolic values. We really like the fact that the baobab is an african symbol that has a real impact on how people live. Bringing social peace and honesty to the community, strenghening the bonds between people is really what we are into through Frenchica. We want to enhance african values and its contribution to the world.



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