Mango, when nature nurtures twice with a single fruit

Among all fruits, we think about juicy exotic fruits taht taste delicious, Mango will soon erupt to the mind and we are right. Who could think of a more delicious way to calm hunger, thirst and excite our taste? But besides being a symbol of complete pleasure of every senses, we often forget that this fruit has another great use, it can nurture more than our stomach/body, it is great for our skin and hair too.

How so? This fruit can be used fully, completelly! Once we have eaten it all, the nut remains, and we often throw them without thinking of the other possible use. Africans have long used mango nuts to create two fantastic products: Butter and oil. Like they have been using shea nuts to create shea butter and oil, Africans did the same with Mango, but it’s less known. Nevertheless, this precious product is exceptional!

Raw mango butter is known to be moisturizing, healing, protective and nurturing. Used on a regular basis, it soothes the skin and hair, reduce itching, provides nutriments and hydration. It is also anti-inflammatory as is contains A, B6 and C vitamins, it reduces acne, prevent microbial development;

All of its properties are great for dry skin and hair, as it provides hydration, protects from breakage, hair ends split and wrinkles… Vitamins contained in Mango are nurturing and participating to the rebuilding of hair and skin.

Unlike shea butter, it has almost no smell, it would have been great if the butter smelled like the fruit but its worth is more in it properties.

Concerning mango oil, it shares a lot of properties with the butter. It moisturizes, but also cleanses, neutralises toxins, repairs and generates cellular renewal. Its plus: it has a good citrus scent that tends to relaxe the user.

Both contain mangiferin, which is made of collagen and elastase and contains anti-oxydant properties that eliminates free radicals.

We use mango butter and oil in our products for those reasons, to mix them with all our other great ingredients. This is a great way to create effective skincare and haircare products that answer our customers need by being efficients. We also love the fact that African people can benefit from this fruit in a full sustainable way. It nourishes people, and creates value with the transformation of its seed in butter and oil that also nurtures the skin and hair. It’s a circular and sustainable way to get advantage of what nature provides, without wasting anything. Mango is for us the symbol of full nutrition, wealth, it’s delicious in every way imaginable!



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