Frenchica’s vision and how to build it together

Hi guys

It’s been a while since i last published but guess what? I was busy sorting all things out to be able to move to the US to build Frenchica. Because yes, for such dream, we need to be in a very dynamic entrepreneurial environment, in a place that resonates with the whole world and this is what America is. So I jumped and here I am, in Miami, working on my dream. I’m happy because I meet with a lot of entrepreneur that have the same mindset, I feel connected, in the right space to make this become a reality.

But I need you all to make it more than a dream! Dreams are the first steps of huge realisations. Some of them are not meant to stay dreams… And to do that, a lot of stars need to be aligned! The idea, the conditions, the public, the setting from where to operate; We’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of people participate to our survey and now we know exactly what product you desire to have.

So I’m striving to get this done and you can help by spreading the word, having friends answering to our survey, following us on our social network, buying the products on our eshop , and preparing the launch of our future skincare line later this year!

Meanwhile you can have a look at the video and understand why such brand is important. Let’s do that together.

Cheers people



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