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frenchiha inclusive beauty

As a kid growing up in the late 70-80’s in Paris. I got used not to see myself (or girls who look like me) portrayed by the medias; I remember me at 5 years old, watching my reflection in the mirror, touching those soft hair that seemed to have a life of their own, trying to make them move (and it didn’t work)… I used to steel my mother’s scarf to create some sort of long hair… My cousin still laughs at me remembering it, but it says something sad… I didn’t feel validated.

It took all the wisdom of my parents to search all around Paris for a black doll that would become my favorite! She had an afro like me, she was dark skinned and looked so good. I thank them so much cause it participated to my self confidence.

I was that only black girl in an all white parisian school and it was OK, cause daddy said I was pretty and smart. As a teenager and young adult, things changed, black references were african-american and west indian, it was cool but I wanted to add my african part to it. I was french, culturally a bit afro-american, but very african too, and that appeared nowhere. All I ever done since had that mixed identity, that afro-french touch.

For me, it’s a vision of equality, everyone should find his place in this world. Nobody should be saying “why am I not blond”, “why am I not thin”, “why am I not that fly afro-american girl”?

As I was building my first brand Nappy Queen, I was dreaming about an image that would make everyone confortable. Smiling faces, curvy women, short kinks, dark skin, all those types you never see. And I did it, I conveyed those images through my brand in France, at my level (and people thank me for that).

For Frenchica, I wish to go further. It’s not about being black or brown. It’s about being able to respond to anybody’s cosmetic needs, using great african ingredients and french savoir-faire, whether you’re asian, latinx or white, it doesn’t matter. This is why I need you to precise your beauty needs, your indispensable products, … how can we make your routine clearer and simpler, a real no bullshit routine?

We wish to provide excellent, essential and efficient products, rewarding those who harvest the raw material. We don’t pay million dollars for marketing by saving money on people who create the worth and the efficiency. We want to share this wealth and bring them to the beauty table 🙂 This is my conception of a noble beauty, the one that respects and represent everyone, giving credit to all the traditions that celebrated authentic beauty. The one that comes from inside out!

Speak soon people 🙂


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