What makes us special?

French and African beauties

Nowadays, people have so many options for beauty and personal care, there are so many brands that one could think why should anybody create another brand? What could we possibly invent, how could we still innovate, propose anything fresh and new?

 When I decided to launch Frenchica, I wanted to propose what makes French and African beauty unique! To me, the common point between both cultures is minimalism. When you look at french icons, french actresses, or anything representing french luxury, it always look simple, yet so classy. The packaging is never too colorful, too flashy, actress never seem to wear too much make-up, never look dressed to shine, yet, they look gorgeous, intelligent. A bit like if no effort was ever made to reach that level of elegance.

As for African women, from my experience, even when you are in villages with women that never wear any make up, they pay attention to how they look, to how they walk, to their skin. They always have little secrets to keep their skin beautiful, a scarf that give them dignity, a dress that could allow them to attend a social event. The clothes can be colorful, but they will harmonize their look so that there are not too much to bear for human eye! If you ever go to Dakar (Senegal) or Conakry (Guinea), you will witness the simplicity and diversity of elegant women that stay beautiful with very simple efforts, the right outfit, not too much jewels, and natural products, used regularly, for different aspects of their beauty (hair, skin…). Not too much, just what is needed!

This is the kind of beauty brand I’m striving to build : simple, efficient, fair and clean products, for multiple use, with as few packaging as possible. I don’t wish to fill the planet with empty plastic bottles that used to contain unnecessary products. I wish to propose the right range of creams, oils, soaps, make-up, made in France from excellent African ingredients, in order to solve skincare and hair-care needs and make people feel as beautiful as they truly are!

This french-african state of mind is probably what makes us unique! We are minimalist, elegant, efficient, clean and fair 😊

Stay tuned people, I’ll tell you more about the fantastic products you can purchase on our e-shop, and more about the first product we will create!




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